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Our spring show is already next week- April 10 at 9 PM and April 12 at 8 PM!! Come see what we’ve been working on in this awesome performance that includes guest groups like Turbo, SOC, and SQ! Tickets are FREE from Cohen Auditorium. For more information, check out our Facebook event here!

Spring 2014 begins… we start rehearsals tonight! We can’t wait to begin working with our beautiful new babies, Lauren Day and Elyssa Harris!! Don’t forget to check out their bios which will be posted shortly!

Our next audition is TOMORROW, January 18, at 11 AM in Cohen!! Come dance with us!

Be apart of the Bande! Get your fan shirts today at Campus Center or at our shows on Thursday and Friday! We are here till 4p.m. $10 with $1 going to National Parkinson’s Foundation! Join the Bande!

Our fall show, Sarabande Presents: Illuminate, is NEXT WEEK! We are so busy getting ready, but also extremely excited to share what we have been working on all semester.

For more information, look at the performance tab on the left side of this page or check out our Facebook event here!

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